Packing List

I am OBSESSED with packing. I have always been a packer and one of my favorite things about planning trips is figuring out what I am going to bring. Here is MY packing list for four months in Europe.

Packing for Europe was a little challenging (ok, more than a little challenging… I thought about it for MONTHS) for me because; 1) Europeans dress well and I want to dress well while I am there as well, 2) We will be there for four months and while I know I could buy clothes there I am hoping I won’t have to, because that will eat into our budget, 3) We are arriving in March and leaving in late July, so we will be potentially experiencing large temperature differences.

Advice on the internet overwhelmingly tells you to pick a color palate and then add accessories to create as many outfits as possible. I chose black, grey, and navy clothes, with some bright tank tops and scarves to mix it up a bit. After months of changing what I was bringing over and over and over again, I ended up bringing outfits what I would (and do) wear all the time at home. I am depending on layering (which I am already good at from living in Colorado, where the weather changes hourly) and am bringing a lot of BASIC clothes, all of which match/look good together. I may leave clothes as I go, but I packed on the assumption that all the clothes I am bringing will be useful in Rome in March, as well as in July in London.

Logan had an easier time, as he always does, as his wardrobe consists of tee-shirts, sweaters, jeans and shorts.

Heather Clothes

Bottoms: black skinny jeans, blue skinny jeans, jean shorts, patterned shorts, knee-length black skirt, black leggings

Shirts: 3 tee shirts (2 black, 1 navy), 6 tank tops (1 black, 1 grey, 1 striped, 2 patterned, 1 fancy), 1 long sleeve (black), 2 sweaters (1 small black cardigan, 1 warm grey cardigan)

Undergarments: 7 underwear (4 ExOfficio), 8 socks (1 wool, 3 ankle, 4 no-show), 3 bras

Shoes: black boots, Keen black ballet flats ($23 at REI garage sale!), Teva flip flops

Other: 1 dress, 1 waterproof jacket, 1 bikini, 1 pair of sleep pants, 3 scarves (I LOVE scarves), jewelry, black belt, hat and gloves

Logan Clothes

Bottoms: 2 jeans (black and grey), 2 shorts (black and grey), 1 pair of gym shorts

Shirts: 7 tee shirts, 1 long sleeve shirt, 2 sweaters, 1 dress shirt

Undergarments: 5 pairs of underwear, 5 pairs of socks

Shoes: Samba tennis shoes, flip flops

Other: jacket, raincoat, gloves

Heather Toiletries

Health: sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, chap-stick, q-tips, feminine products, lotion, hand sanitizer

Beauty: hair product, deodorant, razor, make-up, nail polish, tweezers, nail clippers, hair bands, brush, tissues

Logan Toiletries

Health: toothbrush, toothpaste, chap-stick, soap

Beauty: 2 pair of contacts and cases, razor, deodorant, lotion

**We are buying shampoo, conditioner and saline solution when we get there**


-MacBook Pro (and charger)

– Camera (and memory cards)

– iPad (and charger)

– Kindles (and chargers)

– Travel power strip

– Droid Razors (and chargers) NO service

-Small cell phone (we are buying SIM cards there)

-Power converter

– AA rechargeable batteries

– Flash drive


Medicine Kit 

– bandaids, antibiotic cream, pain killers, sleeping pills, motion sickness pills


Bags: 2 Gregory Backpacks (Logan has a Savant 48L and I have a Sage 45L, they were not be full on this trip), Day pack (Kelty, mainly for carrying the laptop), compact grocery bag

“Travel” Gear (marketed as travel specific things we bought/ got as wedding gifts, specifically for travel): microfiber towels, silverware, sink stopper, clothesline, chemical free laundry detergent, Silk travel sheets, money “pocket” (like a money belt but less….lame), Platypus flexible water bottles

Other: headlight, small keychain flashlights, padlocks, watch, alarm clock, small sewing kit, sunglasses, glasses, Passports, Journal, ear plugs, eye masks, pens, Cribbage board (and cards)


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