I have been dreaming about backpacking Europe since 2003 when the Gilmore Girls (my favorite tv show… ever) went backpacking around Europe after Rory’s graduation. When Logan and I started “getting serious” (as in when we decided we probably were not going to break up) we started talking about when my dream trip would and could happen. Originally we were going to take a six week Europe trip Summer 2013, but we decided to get married instead, so our trip got moved to where it is now. We are calling it our honeymoon, although since the wedding we have taken 5 trips, included two months in Central America, which could also be considered honeymoons. I guess we just really like to honeymoon…

I began planning the trip about the same time I began planning the wedding (May 2012) and quickly realized that there was so much I wanted to see and do, so six weeks did not feel like enough time! We knew we would have a lot of time between our December 2013 graduation from undergrad and Logan’s August 2014 graduate school start date, so it became a question of what we could afford. We scrimped and saved and worked and worked and worked throughout college. I was also lucky to have received savings bonds when I was born (to help with college), which I ended up not using (because I worked instead). So, six weeks became eight weeks, and eight weeks became three months, which in the final stages of planning (after we booked our plane tickets), became four months. We are blessed with time, youth and “expendable” income (we have no home, no kids, no pets, no debt, so no one but us will be effected by how BROKE we will be when we return).

We chose our itinerary based on our funds (and where we wanted to go obviously), trying to split time between expensive western Europe and far cheaper central Europe. We want to go pretty much everywhere, and plan to someday, so we eliminated some of the places we knew would break the bank (the south of France, Scandinavia, Switzerland, driving around Ireland, to name a few). We also moved our trip from summer into spring, when prices are lower and places are not as crowded. We originally were going to come home in early June, right in time for the crowds to descend the major European cities, however, as our itinerary grew, our return date got pushed farther and farther into the summer. So now our trip dates are March 24th-July 30th, beginning in Italy (where it is FAR cheaper to travel in March and April) and ending in the UK (where we are hoping to stay cooler than the rest of Europe will be in July).

We are visiting 15 countries in 129 days, and we are ready and excited to take on our next adventure!


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