Central America

When we initially decided to travel in the time between undergrad and graduate school (for Logan) and a teaching job (for me), we were basing all our plans around Europe in springtime. The plan was to hang out in the wintery wonderland of Colorado from January to March, visiting with friends and lounging on Logan’s parents couch. Then I remembered… I do not really like winter, no matter how beautiful and white. So, I set off with another mission… where could we go for two months “on the cheap” (my new favorite phrase)? Hawaii? Too expensive. South America? Too cold. Central America? Claro que si!

And so began yet another insatiable quest for all information on budget travel in Central America. I quickly realized, however, that while the internet is a beautiful myriad of quirky, quizzical and quality travel blogs, they primarily focus on four regions of the world. Want to road trip around the United States? No problem! Ready to hike the Andes and dance in the streets of Santiago or Buenos Aries? No sweat! How about following the well-trodden backpacker trail in Southeast Asia? Easy as pie! What about the beautiful buildings and classy citizens of Europe? All available at your fast-typing fingertips! Central America though? Not so much…

I think is it a secret plot from all the ex-patriots living in every country in Central America to keep their paradise to themselves. I did find a few invaluable internet sources along the way (thank you Nomadic Matt and Globetrotter Girls!), guiding me as I decided where to go, where to stay and what to eat. The number one thing that I learned from all this research is that, unlike here in America, and even Europe, where planning is essential to ensure cheap and reliable transpiration and accommodation, Central America runs on its own time with its own priorities. The slower the better. And so, after much deliberation and stress, I have decided to throw out my plans and go with the flow. I have only booked flights in and out and have a list of places I want to see and things I want to do. The rest is up to time, luck and circumstance.


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