New Blog!!

It has been quite a while since I have posted, and I am still not even close to finishing writing about our Turkish adventures, but I have actually been writing more than ever before to prepare for…. LAUNCHING A NEW BLOG!! Yup, something else I am going to ask (beg or plead really) for you to subscribe to so you can read up on our globe trotting.

I have been pouring so much time and energy into this new project and I am really excited to show off what I have been working on. I am back to working full time (ish), so I am still figuring out how to find motivation to write when I get home from a day of teaching, but I have written over 40 posts since August and I am getting better and better at busting them out. So far I have mostly been going back through old blogs and improving them (sometimes vastly). So for a while there will be no new countries featured, but most of the new blogs look nothing like their old counterparts, so I encourage you to re-read them.

I bought a real domain name (versus this free one through WordPress) and am learning how to edit photos and do all this tech-y stuff to make my blog look the way I want. We can now be found at Notice the extra “s” after our name, the .com without the “s” was already taken.

How the site looks now is NOT how I want it to look, but I am learning more and more all the time so hopefully you will see some aesthetic changes in the near future. Thanks for sticking with us and I hope you enjoy the new blog!!


New website:


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