Do-Over Anniversary

Things do not always go as planned. Sometimes you just need a do-over. Our anniversary was not so excellent, so we decided to have a do-over day, and it was awesome.

My last post was all about the travel woes of two twenty something travelers celebrating an anniversary. And then losing/breaking stuff and then fighting. This post is a lot shorter and a lot sweeter.

Recipe for a “Do-Over Anniversary”

  1. Wake up and decide your fight was dumb and get over it.
  2. Road trip with the car you are slightly overpaying for.
  3. Go out to a delicious dinner and order whatever you want. Even that second desert.

Turns out all we really needed for our anniversary was quality time together and delicious food.

Literally all we did was drive all around the island, stopping once and a while to take some photos and read on the beach.

Olive tree stop

Olive tree stop

Beach stop

Beach stop

Then we went to dinner at a restaurant in the smaller town of Pefkos called Tsambikos (which was, ironically, the name of the beach where I lost my phone and the rental car key got ruined).

We sat on a huge glass balcony overlooking the town of Pefkos and the ocean. We shared a carafe of local wine, gazpacho, and mussels.

View for Anniversary dinner

View for Anniversary dinner


Logan got cuttlefish risotto and I got steak in seared truffle oil.



We got crème brulee for desert. It was so delicious that we ordered a second one.


This was the Greek anniversary we had hoped for.


One thought on “Do-Over Anniversary

  1. Aww – you guys are so cute!

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