Why Hello there Cappadocia!

Up until Turkey we were able to avoid overnight trains and buses (almost) completely, which was a very intentional. We are basically old curmudgeons when it comes to sleep, and when our 8 hours gets messed up we are NOT happy campers. I am that neighbor that knocks on your door at 11 pm reminding you that “some people have to work in the morning!”(even if all I am going to do the next day is watch Mad Men). That didn’t always go so well during college, seeing as we attended one of the top party schools in the country…



But sometimes situations arise where not getting enough sleep is the price you pay for awesome experiences, like opening all your wedding presents/cards the night of your wedding after everyone goes home. It was worth it that night and our night bus, both to and from, Goreme was worth some lost sleep as well.

Goreme is one of the most popular towns to stay in while visiting the region of Turkey known as Cappadocia, which is known for its other-worldly geology. It is so insanely beautiful. Our bus pulled in around noon, and despite our less than rested bodies needing a nap, we were raring to get going with our Cappadocia exploration.

Hello Goreme!

Hello Goreme!

Our finances did not allow for us to stay in an actual cave room, but our stone room in the family owned Taskonak Hotel was a great alternative. If we ever go back though, we are springing for a cave room. Google it. It’s super cool. Taskonak Hotel is owned by a super nice Australian woman and her Turkish husband who she met when traveling through Goreme! How cool is that?

Taskonak Hotel

Taskonak Hotel

Our lovely host recommended that we start our time in Goreme with a walk up to the town overlook and then down Love Valley, home of the um… interestingly shaped rock formations, called fairy chimneys. We had quite a bit of fun taking less than appropriate pictures (which I am not going to post, since our parents and grandparents read this).

Fairy Chimmneys

Fairy Chimneys

Valley of Love

Valley of Love

The hike took around two hours and landed us at the Goreme Open Air Museum where visitors can explore stone churches carved into the rocks and catch a glimpse into how the Christians who fled to Cappadocia to escape persecution lived (more about that later).

I don’t seem to have any pictures of the Open Air Museum…

Back in town we ate a completely delicious dinner of chicken with eggplant and manti (Turkish ravioli) at a restaurant called Fat Boys (soooo Turkish sounding, no?) that was owned by the same couple that owned the hotel we were staying at. And then we crashed. At like 9 pm. We feel so old sometimes…

Yummy Turkish Raviolli

Yummy Turkish Raviolli


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