Yes We are Still Alive

Hello avid readers!! Most of you have noticed (and in turn asked us in person) about the lack of writing since our return from Turkey. I left you on a cliffhanger with Logan’s arrival and then never wrote a single post about what the two of us actually did during our month abroad. Well fret no more! After hearing feedback from 5 or 6 of you (which is probably 50-60% of our followers) I am finally sucking it up and getting back work.

Our absence (okay, my absence, Logan doesn’t do any of the writing) mostly stems from laziness. Plain and simple. The month of July was basically a Gilmore Girls watching lounge-fest for me, with a few road trips (in which, to be fair to me, I DID see a lot of you who are sticking with us) thrown in there.

For the last two weeks, however, I have been working hard on something new. I am not ready to announce to the interwebs what it is, but I think it is going to be great and when I am ready to share I think you’ll understand why this blog has slipped down low on my priority list.

And now back your you irregular scheduled programming.


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