Reunited At Last! (Sozopol, Bulgaria)

Logan’s journey to meet me in Bulgaria was a long and slow one where patience and flexibility became extremely important and where we were reminded that sometimes in travel you really need to go with the flow. We had booked our tickets for this trip using United miles, so for only a small fee we were able to move Logan’s travel date up, meaning he would be meeting me in Bulgaria, instead of Istanbul. Unfortunately we were not able to change his destination, meaning he still flew into the Turkish city and then took a bus to meet me on the Black Sea. Enter bad travel luck. Every single one of Logan’s three flights was delayed, getting him into Istanbul too late to catch a bus to Bulgaria. Then, both of his debit cards wouldn’t work, despite the fact that we did everything we were supposed to banking-wise before we left. So, Logan was stranded in Istanbul with no money. I on the other hand was alone, literally ALL ALONE as I was the only one staying at my hotel, in a Bulgarian hotel where NO ONE spoke English. I cried.

Look! It's Logan!

Look! It’s Logan!

The next day luck was a little on our side and Logan was able to borrow some money from someone at the hostel and pay for the bus with the credit card. I waited and waited, and late in the afternoon Logan finally arrived in Burgas, Bulgaria. I cried, again. Together we went to Sozopol on the Black Sea for a couple days of sunshine and beach.

Sozopol, Bulgaria

Sozopol, Bulgaria

We ate mussels and anchovies and fish and super delicious pita. We swam in the Black Sea, got bit by what the owner of our hotel called “sea scorpions” (hopefully a mistranslation, we were assured “it is no problem!”), and we wandered around the old town. We watched movies in our room overlooking the water while it rained. It was the perfect start to the next chapter of the trip.

Black Sea Beach

Black Sea Beach

Welcome back to the blog Logan!!


2 thoughts on “Reunited At Last! (Sozopol, Bulgaria)

  1. You are so fortunate to have each other. It makes me cry even though I know you are both safely home.

  2. Glad to see you’re still doing the blog even though you’re back home. Looking forward to more updates. Istanbul probably wouldn’t be on my list of places I’d want to be stranded without any money!

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