A Change in Plans

Despite my best efforts to stay on top of writing for this blog, I am sorry to say that I am extremely behind. Currently I am writing about my time in Belgrade (to be posted tomorrow), which I visited on June 2nd and 3rd. In the meantime Logan and I are actually in Greece after having spent almost two weeks in Turkey and a few days in Bulgaria. Which brings me to the point of this short update post. The plans changed a bit and Logan was able to come almost a week earlier. As a result my solo trip was cut down to only six days and Logan was able to meet me in Bulgaria for a few days.

So, for those interested in our itinerary (such as my mother-in-law, who Logan forgot to mention the change in plans to) my solo trip became:

Belgrade, Serbia (2 days)

Sofia, Bulgaria (2 days)

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria (2 days)

Because of the long-ish distances and slow travel times in this part of the Balkans, I ended up cutting Macedonia and adding Belgrade. After the travel day from hell (stay turned for that horror story) Logan ended up meeting me on the Black Sea in Bulgaria, where we spent a few days before heading to Istanbul and resuming our original itinerary.

Back to your original programming.


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