Here Comes the Sun! (Split, Croatia)

The sun is shining upon us once again! After two rainy days in Zadar the sun came back out and has followed us the rest of the way down the Croatian coast.

We were treated to our first rays of sunshine as we walked to the bus station in Zadar to catch our bus to Split. We accidentally ended up on the long bus route and while what should have/could have been a two-hour bus ride ended up taking twice as long, we were treated to amazing coastal views the whole way. As soon as we got to Split we dropped off our bags and headed straight to the waterfront for drinks and a snack. The sun shining on the Adriatic is something I fanaticize about seeing, and now that the rainy days are behind us I get to fully enjoy one of my favorite pastimes, ooh-ing and ah-ing over the Adriatic.


On our first (and only) day in Split we started our morning with a walk up Marjan Hill. There was a little bit of spitting rain when we woke up, but as the morning went on the clouds melted away and the sun became warmer and warmer. From various points on the hill there are great views of Split, but as the temperature rose the beach began sounding more and more inviting, so we abandoned the rest of our sightseeing plans for the day and headed to the sandy(ish) beach nearest to the port.

Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

We found some chairs, which no one seemed to be collecting money for, and settled in for a few hours of sunning and people watching. The water ended up being too cold for us to swim in, but we enjoyed our first beach day of the trip anyway. Just as we were beginning to feel sunned out a man showed up and was trying to collect money from those of us laying on the beach chairs, so we took the opportunity to quietly slip away and head back to the room to shower, pack up and relax for a bit longer.


Since we had spent essentially zero dollars for the day so far (minus our room and a bag of chips at the beach) we decided to go out for dinner. We ate at Atlandia, which is on the main waterfront (called the Riva) and has a nice view of port. We feasted on wine, smoked tuna on a bed of arugula, Caesar salad, fish soup and absolutely delicious cuttlefish risotto. Cuttlefish risotto is a specialty of this region and it is black due to the ink of the cuttlefish.

Cuttlefish Risotto

Cuttlefish Risotto

We turned in early that night in preparation for our early(ish) ferry the next morning to the island of Korcula. The boat left at 7:45, but we wanted to arrive a bit before then to make sure we got good seats near a window. After only a two-hour ride we arrived to the picturesque island where we were met by our Airbnb hosts and taken to the most beautiful apartment I have stayed at yet. We had a view of the ocean from both the bedrooms and from a balcony as well.

View from my bedroom window in Korcula, Croatia

View from my bedroom window in Korcula, Croatia

Still in major relaxation and down time mode, we took opportunity to do laundry (which was much needed) and while mom answered emails from home I wrote for the blog. I have to admit at this point I am depressingly behind, so a few hours to even attempt to catch up was much needed. By mid afternoon the laundry was done and we were ready to do some exploring. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans and after an hour exploring old town in the rain, we decided to head back to enjoy our apartment and, what else? Relax of course!! This is vacation after all.


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