When It Rains, It Pours (Zadar, Croatia)

So our luck finally ran out. We have hit rain. I wrote a couple posts ago about how my mom is weather resistant, and while I still believe her weather karma far exceeds that of us mere mortals, once in a while we all must be reminded that even the best of us are not infallible.

After a beautiful day at Plitvice, we awoke to the previously unfamiliar pitter-patter of raindrops on the window. While we knew there was a good chance we would eventually have to lug our backpacks through the rain, we were a little bummed that our luck gave out just in time for our longest walk of the trip, the twenty minute trek back to the bus stop at the entrance to the national park. Thankfully Mom’s karma had not abandoned us completely and a very nice Australian couple staying at our B&B offered to drive us to the bus stop in their rental car. It turned out we were both heading to the coastal town of Zadar and we ended up riding with them the whole way. We enjoyed a couple hours of conversation with new people who were very well traveled and were very interesting to talk to. Once in Zadar we parted ways and mom and I walked in the pouring rain to our next Airbnb, feeling like maybe it had to rain so we could have the opportunity to meet fellow travelers and get a free ride (we offered gas money, but were denied).

Zadar in the rain

Zadar in the rain

The rain really didn’t let up either of the days of our visit, but we didn’t let that keep us from enjoying our time in Zadar. On our first afternoon we ate delicious pizza and wandered the cobbled streets of old town before heading towards the water to listen to the famous Sea Organ. The Sea Organ is an amazing series of steps, which have tubes in them, through which the sea waves and wind flow, creating organ like music. Next to the Sea Organ is an art installation called Sun Salutation, which lights up via stored solar energy every night at sunset. We ended up not going to the Sun Salutation the first night, as the rain was pouring out of the sky, but on our second night we experienced the amazing light show. The Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation are some of the more unique attractions that I have visited, but I truly loved them both. They are fun and whimsical and unforgettable.

Sea Organ

Sea Organ

Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation

On our second day the rain let up intermittently (it wasn’t raining for our Sun Salutation!), but we decided on mostly inside activities for the day. Our first stop was to get mother/daughter nose piercings (because why not?), before we paid a visit to the Ancient Glass Museum. A whole museum dedicated to old glass? That’s right, and you know what? My mom and I both found it very cool. There are two floors of Roman glass objects dating back to before the first century. On the top floor is a glass blowing workshop where we got a private demonstration on how to make a glass vase. Definitely worth an hour, rainy weather or no.

Glass making demonstation

Glass making demonstration

Before heading for sunset at the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation we went out for a delicious (and leisurely) dinner. We decided that with the money we had saved by getting a free ride to Zadar we would treat ourselves to something other than pizza and groceries. We ate at 2Ribara, which is the 8th best restaurant in Zadar according to Trip Advisor and was recommended to us by our Airbnb hosts. We were certainly not disappointed. We drank Croatian white wine and ate the most delicious dinner of the trip (so far). Since we had not been out to eat much, we wanted a little variety so we got two dishes to split. The first was pasta with shrimp, prosciutto and zucchini, which was very good. The highlight of our dining experience, however, was our main dish of filet minion in prosciutto sauce topped with shaved truffles and truffle ravioli. Holy moly. It may have been one of the top ten things I have ever eaten. The truffle ravioli was the highlight of the dish and each bite was chewed as slowly as possible in order to keep the flavor in our mouths as long as possible. Croatia is one of the places on planet Earth where the highly sought after truffle grows, so this delectable meal was a measly $40. We were living large.

Heavenly food

Best. Meal. Ever.

Stuffed to the point of delirium we headed to watch the Sun Salutation. The rain had cleared and after two days of downpour we enjoyed being full of insanely delicious food, listening to the Sea Organ, and watching the lights of the Sun Salutation.


Goodbye Zadar!


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