A MoRockin’ Anniversary (Fes, Morocco)

On June 24th of last year Logan and I got married at the base of a beautiful mountain in Estes Park, Colorado. On June 24th of this year we were lucky enough to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in exotic Fes, Morocco.



We took a four-hour bus ride from calm Chefchaouen to crazy Fes in the early afternoon, arriving in Fes just before dinnertime. We decided to pay for a taxi to the medina, which was a crazy ride filled with honking and yelling and weaving in and out of traffic and pedestrians. We don’t usually take taxis (too expensive), but in Morocco they seem to be the way to get around, and even the locals take them. Once in the medina the manager of our Raid met us and led us down twisty and creepy alleys to our beautiful Raid and gigantic room. In honor of our anniversary we splurged for our two nights in Fes and got the nicest room in the place ($100/ night). After settling in we went out for camel burgers on a rooftop terrace overlooking a beautiful minaret and the whole medina.

Alley to our riad

Alley to our riad

Dinner view

Dinner view

The next morning (our anniversary!) we ate breakfast on the terrace of our riad before heading out for a day of wandering the streets of the medina. The crazy maze of streets is filled with vendors selling everything from leather sandals to sheep’s tongue. Along the way we found the tiled blue gate, colorful mosques and random, beautiful and ornate ceilings. We also followed our noses to the stinky but interesting leather tanneries, where they soak the leather in a cow urine and pigeon poop mixture. We were given mint leaves to smell as we viewed the tanneries (‘Moroccan Gas Mask’).

In the medina

In the medina

In the medina

In the medina

Tanneries and Moroccan

Tanneries and Moroccan “gas mask”

Along the way we picked up a few leather gifts (for ourselves), including some sandals and a pretty handmade purse. Shopping at markets in Morocco is pretty intimidating; as the vendors are all yelling and trying any way they can to get you into their store. We grabbed a small lunch at Cafe Clock (we were saving up room for our anniversary dinner!) of lamb burger (YUM!!) and mint lemonade (again, YUM!). We took some time before our big dinner to siesta and spend time in our beautiful room.

Our riad

Our riad

For our big anniversary dinner we found a nice Moroccan/French restaurant that served three-courses and wine (a rarity in a Muslim country). We ate pumpkin salad with peas and tahini sauce, John Dory with saffron sauce, Tiger Sole with herb butter and a desert plate with chocolate moose, pear sorbet and crème brulee. The food was delicious and we had the whole restaurant to ourselves until the desert course. We had a wonderful and unique first anniversary in Morocco. Fes is hectic and like no place we had ever been before. The sights, the smells and culture of Morocco are so different than Europe, and Fes was a great place to stop before heading the craziest destination of our travels so far, Marrakech.



Happy Anniversary to us!


4 thoughts on “A MoRockin’ Anniversary (Fes, Morocco)

  1. so cool! I am so happy that you are going to such amazing places – so I can see them too! love, mom

  2. Happy Anniversary. Looks like you two are loving every moment of this grand adventure! All the best.

  3. I know it’s belated, but I wanted to be sure to post this in the correct place: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

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