Celebrating 100 on the road!

Sunset in Flores, Guatemala

Sunset in Flores, Guatemala

April 10th marks our 100th day of travel! 100 days ago we left our friends, families, cell phones and permanent address behind to spend six (which has been stretched to seven) months exploring Central America and Europe. With the exception of a short 17-day stint back “home” in the states (“home” referring to Colorado, although in that time we both spent time in California as well) we have been away from US soil for most of 2014. We have seen and done so many amazing things and we are so excited to see what the next 100 days of travel brings! In celebration of our passing the 100-day mark we decided to share some fun facts of our time on the road so far.

Pages and books read:

Logan- 8,216 pages, 10.5 books

Heather- 9,427 pages, 15.5 books

Beds slept in: 34

 Miles traveled: 16,778 miles (approximate) 

Hours in transit: 181 (approximate)

TOP 5’s

Favorite Places 

Capri, Italy

Capri, Italy

  1. Capri, Italy
  2. Samara, Costa Rica
  3. Las Penitas, Nicaragua
  4. Antigua, Guatemala
  5. Utila, Honduras

Favorite Experiences

Semuc Champey Overlook

Semuc Champey Overlook

  1. Semuc Champey, Guatemala: swimming in a cave with a candle held over your head, cave jumping, swimming in turquoise water, who could ask for more?!
  2. Scuba (and snorkeling) on Utila, Honduras: Logan LOVED scuba, and while I failed at my attempt I loved the week we spent on the small island, sunning and snorkeling.
  3. Tikal, Guatemala: Walking around the ancient ruins early in the morning with mist all around us was eerie and mysterious and pretty magical.
  4. Siena Cathedral, Italy: So far my all time favorite church I have ever seen. It is so funky and eclectic and strange and cool.
  5. Blue Grotto, Italy: Although we had a little camera-battery-dying-snafoo while in the Blue Grotto it was still one of the coolest and most unique experiences of our trip so far.

Favorite Meals

Last dinner on Caye Caulker. Soooo delicious!!

Last dinner on Caye Caulker. Soooo delicious!!

  1. Lobster on Caye Caulker, Belize: lobster+butter+beer= PERFECTION
  2. Logan’s Birthday Dinner in Sorrento, Italy: Prosecco, bruschetta, pasta with bacon, cream sauce and cheese (Logan), Ravioli with clams and cheese (Me)
  3. First meal in Italy (Rome, Italy): Marinated artichokes, perfect Italian pizza, covered in prosciutto
  4. Street Tacos in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala: We ate A LOT of street tacos while in Central America and these were the best. Perfectly grilled meat, delicious sauce and at $1 for three, the perfect price.
  5. Chicken wings on Utila, Honduras: Hands down the best chicken wings we have ever eaten. They were crunchy and perfect, with sweet sauce for me and spicy sauce for Logan.

Most Useful Travel Items

  1. Kindles: book exchanges are few and far between in Central America (some of them requiring you to leave 2 books to take 1…), and besides, our Kindles take up less space than one book and can store hundreds of books on them! We read everyday (no bragging or exaggeration) and our Kindles are the best travel gadgets we have.
  2. Earplugs: To ward off roosters, fireworks, men on motorcycles, drunken screams, barking dogs, etc.
  3. Platypus flexible water bottle: a far easier bottle to pack, especially when empty as you can just flatten it down and it takes up no space! As an added bonus, it cuts down on water costs.
  4. SteriPen: free water! An essential for any person who has grown up in America (there is not free water pretty much anywhere else we have been in the world so far), and it works on any reasonably filtered water (it’s a purifier, not a filter).
  5. Packing Cubes: I’m very organized so these let me keep all my clothes in specific groups, and wrinkle-free too! (Get longer, skinny ones if travel backpacking, they work much better than flat, square or rectangular ones)

2 thoughts on “Celebrating 100 on the road!

  1. Have you needed the Steripen in Europe??

    • Nope. We ended up not bringing it and have not regretted it at all. We used it ALL THE TIME in Central America (every day) but the water is all fine to drink in Europe (at least everywhere we have been).

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