Trip Number Two: Getting Back Into the Swing of Things (Plus Two Exciting Announcements!)

We have been “home” (meaning the United States) for 18 days now, but since we have no official address, we have been bouncing around between family members and friends, crashing wherever there is a bed (or couch). Blogging has been tough (well impossible really, as is indicated by the complete lack of posting that has happened since we have been home). In these 18 days I have only been in my home state of Colorado for 10, as I visited all my grandparents in California. Logan ended up coming with me part of my trip to check out grad schools! He was able to make a decision on where we will be moving when we get back to the states. So, announcement number one… We are moving to San Diego!!!!!! We are so exited to live in sunny southern California and start that new chapter in our lives.

His school doesn’t start until September 23rd, way later than we anticipated, which leads us to announcement number two… we extended our trip by three weeks to add Spain and Morocco! That takes our days in Europe count up to 129 (or 4 months and a week)!! I am re-posting the Europe itinerary with the new additions. We are booked up through Vienna with AirBnB accommodations in almost every city (or town), but we do not have train or bus tickets booked.

We leave tomorrow (!!!!) and we are so excited to take on a new adventure and a new continent. I am hoping to be able to update our destination guides for Central America soon, and our Europe packing lists and budget will be up soon.

Thank you to everyone who is following us around the world! We are so lucky to have such great friends and family member! Feel free to post comments or questions anytime!


Rome, Italy (4 days)

Sorrento, Italy (5 days)

Siena, Italy (3 days)

Florence, Italy (2 days)

Lucca, Italy (2 days)

Cinque Terre, Italy (3 days)

Lake Como, Italy (3 days)

Venice, Italy (3 days)

Rovinj, Croatia (2 days)

Split, Croatia (2 days)

Vis, Croatia (3 days)

Dubrovnik, Croatia (3 days)

Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina (2 days)

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia (2 days)

Lake Bled, Slovenia (3 days)

Ljubljana, Slovenia (1 day)

Maribor, Slovenia (2 days)

Graz, Austria (2 days)

Budapest, Hungary (5 days)

Krakow, Poland (4 days)

Prague, Czech Republic (5 days)

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic (2 days)

Vienna, Austria (3 days)

Salzburg, Austria (2 days)

Hallstatt, Austria (2 days)

Munich, Germany (3 days)

Rothenburg, Germany (1 day)

Bacharach, Germany (2 days)

Barcelona, Spain (6 days)

Granada, Spain (3 days)

Sevilla, Spain (3 days)

Chehchaouan, Morocco (2 days)

Fes, Morocco (3 days)

Marrakesh, Morocco (4 days)

Paris, France (6 days)

Bruges, Belgium (2 days)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (4 days)

London, England (5 days)

Bath, England (2 days)

The Cotswolds, England (3 days)

Edinburgh, Scotland (3 days)

Highland Tour (3 days)

See you in August!!!


5 thoughts on “Trip Number Two: Getting Back Into the Swing of Things (Plus Two Exciting Announcements!)

  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful post and itinerary !!! Sounds amazing. I know you will have a fantastic adventure and I can’t wait to READ all about it…. much love to you both! MOM

  2. When in Prague, be sure to see the Jewish quarter, it is made up of 7 different museums, well worth it. Take a trip to Terezin, one of the holding camps of the Jews, it it’s just an hour out side of Prague. The castle is a must and if you can see a soccer game, do it, it was very cheap tickets and we had up front seats.

    Let me know what dates you’ll be in Barcelona, Trent and I will be there July 24-26th.

    Have fun, Aunt Kari

    • Thanks!! We hadn’t thought of going to a soccer game… but we are going to try now! We will be in Barcelona in mid-June, but since we are moving your way maybe we can see you sometime. It has been a LONG time! Thanks!!!

  3. Congrats on the decision! San Diego! Let me know once you’re settled in September.

    Enjoy the trip. Looks amazing.

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