Laguna Apoyo- A Vacation From Vacation (Nicaragua)

After a few hot days in Granada we were ready to take a break and headed to Laguna Apoyo, about 30 minutes from the city. We took a shuttle from a hostel in Granada to Hotel Pardiso on the lake front. The lake is small but pretty and the hotel had kayaks, chairs and a floating dock available for guests as well as for daily use. We spent the day reading by the lake, drinking fruit smoothies, and enjoying a break from walking around cities. We ate a crepe for lunch, which was huge and delicious. We had brought groceries from Granada to make chorizo tacos and as Logan cooked I talked to a couple from Louisville, Kentucky. We have been meeting more and more Americans since being in Nicaragua, as well as far more people visiting the country for vacation, versus backpackers doing long term travel. It would seem that Nicaragua is becoming the “new Costa Rica” in terms of travelers coming for 10 days for a break from the winter. In Guatemala and Honduras almost everyone we met was long term traveling, or at least visiting multiple countries.

image image image image

After dinner everyone staying at the hotel participated in a music quiz. We were all in teams of 3 or 4 and our team of 3 (us and a Canadian at our table) was HORRIBLE at it. We lost BADLY, but we got three free liters of beer in the process (such a nice bartender), so I would say our loss was worth it. The next morning we ate some oatmeal and hung out, waiting for our shuttle back to Granada. It was a nice little break (can you take a break from vacation?) and was the highlight of our Granada experience.


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