6 Week Post

We are now six weeks into our travels, 2/3 of the way through our Central America trip. We are in the home stretch, which is bittersweet since we are sad to be leaving Central America, but are getting very excited for our Europe trip. We are also getting exited about choosing a grad school for Logan and deciding where to start the next chapter of our life. Here are some highlights and lowlights of the last three weeks (things since the three week post) along with some new fun facts about our trip!

Utila in general
Las Penitas beach
Tona beer
Anafre de Chorizo (so yummy!)
Snorkeling while Logan did scuba
Cascada (waterfall) San Ramon on Isla Ometepe
Finca Mistica hotel on Isla Ometepe (post coming soon!)

Heather not being able to scuba
Alvin and the Chipmunks in Spanish
Traveling through the three major cities of Honduras on a twelve hour bus ride
Cost of the ferry to Utila ($28/person EACH WAY!)
The heat in Nicaragua
The amount of taxis we have been forced to take

*Number of Tonas consumed: 25

*Number of other beers consumed: 17

Number of 12 hour travels days: 3

Number of baleadas eaten: 7

Number of churches visited: 8

Number of taxis taken: 16

*If you are handy with numbers you will notice that there were 42 beers consumed in 21 days (between the two of us). Here in Central America the saying goes, “a beer a day keeps the doctor away”.


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