Three Weeks In

Our travel day to Lanquin marked three weeks on the road, or 1/3 of the way through our trip. We decided to do a short post with our highlights and lowlights of our first 21 days in Central America along with a few facts about our trip so far.

-Snorkeling in Caye Caulker
-Lobster in Caye Caulker
-Cave tubing in San Ignacio
-The sunset in Flores
-Tikal in general
-The view from Temple 4 (Tikal)
-Antigua in general
-The pastries in Antigua
-Cafe No Se (post coming soon!)
-Semuc Champey (#1 for both of us so far)

-Almost getting swept out the sea in Caye Caulker
-ATM cave being flooded (so we couldn’t go)
-The amount of rain in general
-Getting sick
-Itchy clothes
-San Pedro La Laguna in general

Miles Traveled (approx.): 2582

Buses/Shuttles/Colectivo’s Taken: 12

Pastries Consumed: 9

Cocktails/Beers Drank: 64

Tacos Eaten: 47

Budget News: We are doing OKAY with our budget. We ended up spending $110/ day in Belize, which is $20/ day over budget. This was mostly due to the copious amounts of lobster we ate, as well as our snorkeling trip, which I had not budgeted. We did much better in Guatemala, spending an average of $67/day, which is only $7/day over budget. In Guatemala we went over by spending too much on private shuttles, instead of taking the chicken buses, which was mostly due to laziness (the shuttles are MUCH quicker and more direct).

If you like what we are writing, have any comments, or have any questions leave your comments below!!


4 thoughts on “Three Weeks In

  1. Love reading what you are writing…. thanks !! love, mom

  2. Inexpensive Lobster is an oxymoron, it will put you over budget every time.

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