Logan’s Musings Ep. 1: The brAustralian Phenomenon

Welcome one and all to my first real post. Today I would like to discuss and elucidate the phenomenon and subculture that we have been seeing more and more of in C.A.: the “brAustralian.” Many 20-30 year old Australians enjoy traveling and we have met and had a great time with many Australians and more than one brAustralian and we have noticed that bros are as ubiquitous in Australian culture as they are in the US. Let me begin with a careful description of the brAustralian’s vestments. A brAustralian can always be seen wearing some combination of the following: shutter and/or “gameday” shades (preferably with the gold-mirror finish that you can find in skate or surf shops), a backwards hat (“why of course” you say, and often of the “trucker” or “snap-back” variety you would rightly assume), a bro-tank or slightly faded tee, super bright colored shorts that would fit me (“but that would mean they’re too tight on many a brAustralian as Logan is a smaller dude” you would say, and you would be right again. These shorts often are tight and end quite a few inches above the knee), and either boat shoes (leather) or flip-flops.

We first started noticing the brAustralians in Caye Caulker and have been seeing them ever since, but it would appear that the concentration diminishes rapidly the farther we get from the coast; likely because of lack of surfing and rum-centric drinks. They often travel in groups of 3 or more and I would expect that we will be seeing many more once we start hitting mor beaches. Stay tuned.


One thought on “Logan’s Musings Ep. 1: The brAustralian Phenomenon

  1. Great first blog post Logan! love, ardis

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