We made it!!

After months and months of planning and dreaming we finally boarded a plane this morning and made it to Belize City!

When we originally booked our flight it left Denver at 7:55 am, which felt like a reasonable time to be up and in the world on New Years Day. However, our flight time changed not one, not two, but FOUR times with the final result being a flight that left DIA at 5:48 am!! Our original plan of being good environmentalists and good friends and taking the bus to the airport went out the window as we began to scramble to figure out how we were going to make it to Denver International Airport at 3:45 am on New Years Day. Luckily, we have some amazing people in our lives and both my mom and my best friend offered to drive us. It made the most sense for my friend to drive us so we pulled an all nighter and went to the airport early (late?) this morning.

Our first flight was only two hours but it felt longer due the three adorable, but very loud, toddlers who were sitting in our row. After a 4 hour layover at the Houston airport we took another two hour plane ride and landed in Belize City at  4 pm.

Because it is a holiday the buses were not running from the airport into the city so we had to take a taxi and our taxi driver told us all about mangrove trees, apparently there are three kinds, (who knew!?!?) and about how the city has beccome much more dangerous since it became independent. We got to our hotel The Belcove Inn (the only one I have reserved for this trip), which is clean and feels safe, and it very conveniently located next to the ferry terminal, where we will be catching an 8 am ferry tomorrow to go to Caye Caulker!

Overall, we are not impressed by Belize City, but, we did not expect to be. It is very dirty and feels very… unsafe. We did find some delicious street food (tacos, yum!) and people have been very nice, but there is a feeling here that tourists don’t belong. However, we have high hopes for our next destination and we are   happy that we can begin combating the very small amount of sleep we have gotten in the last 48 hours by staying on a regular sleep schedule. We will share more about our first impressions of Belize as a country and a people in a later post, when we have been properly rested.

Good night!


2 thoughts on “We made it!!

  1. Well done kiddos! Have a great time and be safe.

  2. Whew! Arrival! Congratulations!

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