Where in the world?

So… where exactly are we going? Starting January 1st, 2014, until July 9th, 2014, we will be traveling around Central America and then Europe. We will be in Central America for 9 weeks (Jan. 1st- March 5th), then we will be home for 3 weeks (March 5th-March 23rd), and then we are off to Europe for spring and summer (March 24th- July 9th).

Our Europe itinerary is pretty set in stone, due to high costs of travel and accommodation, but our Central America itinerary is pretty loose (as in no reservations, but desired amounts of times we expect to spend at each destination). These are the places we are expecting to spend our time.



Belize City, Belize (1 day)

Caye Caulker, Belize (3 days)

San Ignacio, Belize (4 days)

Tikal/Flores, Guatemala (2 days)

Antigua, Guatemala  (6 days)

Lake Atitlan (San Pedro la Laguna), Guatemala (3 days)

Lanquin, Guatemala (4 days)

Copan Ruinas, Honduras (2 days)

Utila, Honduras (6 days)

Granada, Nicaragua (3 days)

Isla de Opetepe, Nicaragua (3 days)

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (3 days)

Samara, Costa Rica (5 days)

Monteverde, Costa Rica (3 days)

Arenal, Costa Rica (2 days)

Manuel Antonio/Quepos, Costa Rica (3 days)

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica (3 days)

San Jose, Costa Rica (1 day)


Rome, Italy (4 days)

Sorrento, Italy (5 days)

Siena, Italy (3 days)

Florence, Italy (2 days)

Lucca, Italy (2 days)

Cinque Terre, Italy (3 days)

Lake Como, Italy (3 days)

Venice, Italy (3 days)

Rovinj, Croatia (2 days)

Split, Croatia (2 days)

Vis, Croatia (3 days)

Dubrovnik, Croatia (3 days)

Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina (2 days)

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia (2 days)

Lake Bled, Slovenia (3 days)

Ljubljana, Slovenia (1 day)

Maribor, Slovenia (2 days)

Graz, Austria (2 days)

Budapest, Hungary (5 days)

Krakow, Poland (4 days)

Prague, Czech Republic (5 days)

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic (2 days)

Vienna, Austria (3 days)

Salzburg, Austria (2 days)

Hallstatt, Austria (2 days)

Munich, Germany (3 days)

Rothenburg, Germany (1 day)

Bacharach, Germany (2 days)

Paris, France (6 days)

Bruges, Belgium (2 days)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (4 days)

London, England (5 days)

Bath, England (2 days)

The Cotswolds, England (3 days)

Edinburgh, Scotland (3 days)

Highland Tour (3 days)

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One thought on “Where in the world?

  1. Sounds like fun. Personally, I’m not a big fan of strict schedules though. I think that if you’d cut the number of your stops in Europe, you’d have a much more relaxed scheme, and a cheaper one in terms of both accomodation and travel costs.

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