In which I begin a blog…

I am going into this wary of how much I will actually be blogging as we travel. I would love to share our adventures with friends and family, but I am unsure how often I will be able to tear myself away from adventure, food and sleep to share our experiences with the world. However, I am also going in to this hopeful that people will like what I write and, possibly more importantly, that I will like what I write. I am no tech genius, but I am going to try to create a blog which is informative, as well as pretty.

The goal(s) is to:
1) Write as I go. I want to share in the moment thoughts and feelings to bring everyone to where we are as well as to bring myself (and Logan) back in the future.
2) Create pages with travel information such as budgets, packing lists, and destination guides.

3) Be as honest as I know how (which is pretty damn honest).

4) Write for my own enjoyment, as well as yours!


Away we go…!!!


2 thoughts on “In which I begin a blog…

  1. I can already tell I will love your writing! Don’t be wary! Write every day, it will become clear what you want to share! I want to hear about all the cool things you see, do and taste! Hugs!

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